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June 20, 2023by Easy2Employ

It operates on the GRID algorithm and distributes investments based on the preset conditions. Though TokenTactp offers a 7-day free trial, the platform’s basic plan costs $29 monthly. However, users can save some money by paying $23 monthly when they pay for a year upfront.


Your task is simply to connect the platform to Binance exchange using an API key. An API enables the trading platform to exchange data with Binance and execute trading bot orders. Binance APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a collection of guidelines and protocols furnished by Binance.

As the price has increased fourfold, the scammers decide it’s time to dump their bags. They all quickly close their positions, and once they are clear, the market crashes. The asset’s value plummets and Jimmy loses a lot of money that he can never recoup. The crypto pump-and-dump group takes its profit and moves on to the next coin. To ensure an unmatched trading experience for new users, TokenTact introduced a seven-day free trial period on all of its services. Within the demo period, every new user can enjoy the functions available for paid tariffs, charged with zero fees.

If users do not fully finish account verification, they may face restrictions on accessing Coinbase’s offerings. However, after successfully completing identity confirmation, users gain full access to Coinbase’s range of products and services. The verification requirement, while an extra step, ensures a compliant and secure trading environment. Compared to other exchanges, Coinbase’s trading fees are often seen as a substantial drawback. The fee structure in place for the standard Coinbase account tends to be costly, although this is improved on Coinbase Advanced. The actual fee amount can depend on several factors, including the payment method, the purchase volume, and prevailing market conditions, including volatility and liquidity.

TokenTact has also set up different trading orders to give you more control over your cryptocurrency trading endeavours. In this TokenTact review, we explore everything there is to know about the cross-exchange services offered by the provider. In our research for eventual TokenTact scam accusations, we found none. There are occasional complaints by some users, but those are mostly due to inexperienced traders and bad setups.

  • While engaging in margin trading, it’s crucial to exercise caution and avoid placing excessive funds on a single trade, as this could lead to disastrous outcomes.
  • Coinbase Pro was launched in 2018 as a trading platform for experienced traders that allowed for in-depth technical analysis and direct interaction with the Coinbase Exchange’s order book.
  • VAT will be billed to EU customers in line with the applicable rates of their member state unless a valid VAT number is provided.
  • Many happy TokenTact users have reported consistently growing their crypto holdings using the platform.

It has consistently demonstrated strong defense mechanisms against hacking efforts. For the protection of customer funds, the majority are stored in cold wallets, which are offline and therefore resistant to online hacking attempts. Only a small fraction of cryptocurrencies, roughly 2%, are kept online to support trading volume.

This is especially the case in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market where large swings in price are not uncommon. The terminal also offers Trailing Orders and One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) orders to support complex trading strategies. TokenTact terminal is integrated with TradingView, the largest website for traders globally. It allows the usage of dozens of indicators and gets credible cryptocurrency content from the curated news feed.

TokenTact recently introduced a DCA bot to help users during bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions. The trading tool offers multiple features, including more accurate entry and exit options, risk management options, and more. Users can expect fast and regular results for those who maintain an active trading approach, although long-term holders can accumulate profit while waiting for better price momentum. Since its establishment, it has grown rapidly to over 18 million users and has garnered a trading volume of over $300 billion. Furthermore, it is the trading application of choice for many crypto traders as it offers over 25 exchanges and the number keeps rising. Instead of the traditional, draining practice of manual trading, TokenTact has automated most of the process.

Firstly, it’s extremely easy to set up (it takes literally three mouse clicks). Secondly, it adds yet another layer of security to your accounts on both platforms. You already know the principle if you’ve allowed Google or Facebook to authorize you automatically. Starting January 2023, it’s mandatory for our users to whitelist IPs on several exchanges that support this function.

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What do we do?
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