Consulting Services

Enterprise Solutions
We specialize in matching you with the right providers of enterprise systems. We have extensive experience with some of the world's largest global technology companies such as Siemens, Hewlett Packard, etc.

• Enterprise application software development
• Supply chain management systems
• Customer relationship management
• Knowledge management systems
Financial analysis
Our experience in financial analysis spans mergers and acquisitions with JP Morgan, Lazard, and PwC. Experts in our network are engaged with investment banks and the hedge fund industry.

• Analysis of corporate financial statements and portfolio structures
• Evaluation of management reports, prospectuses and offer documents
• Review of ad-hoc reports and industry reports (fact books and competitor analysis)
Business Intelligence
Organizational strategy and decision making is a prerequisite for business success. We focus on services in forecasting, performance and trend analysis, budgeting, customer experience, and more.

• Optimize business capabilities and leverage its strengths
• Uncover data insights and make data-driven decisions for higher performance
• Build intelligence tools for predictive and behaviour analysis
Digital Marketing
We understand the need for a potent online outreach program and house just the right resources. Develop best practices in innovation, expertise, and communication by outsourcing digital functions.

• Develop an online presence for your business with outreach programs
• Search engine marketing, content marketing and social media
• Leverage analytics to reach wider audiences
Blockchain and Big Data
Address data management and analytical challenges using top emerging technology providers. There’s more than just technical brilliance on offer here as we synergize your organization’s tech needs in one place.

• Big data management and analytics
• Deployment of cloud technology for managed services
• Solve challenges faced in digital transformation
DevOps Services
Is your business ready to expand software-based services? Are you looking for better collaboration between IT operations and business development? We’ve got software solution providers that help you win.

• Mobile application development
• Ensure smooth working between operations and development
• Continuous integration and delivery of software serices.


Our teams are working around the clock to find the right talent and business solution for you within 24 hours.


Recruitment doesn’t stop at borders. We fetch out the best for your business, no matter where we need to go.


The technology niche is our major strength. Get access to synergized services that sky-rocket your business.


With Easy2Employ, you don’t need to go elsewhere. Explore people, solutions or both, with our world-class teams.

Want world-class experts and intelligent business strategy all in one place?

What Do We Do?
Easy2Employ is a premier recruitment and HR consulting company helping businesses source top talent in a short time. We offer dedicated technical and non technical recruiters to support your growing business needs.
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What do we do?
Easy2Employ is an AI-Driven Recruitment Platform that automates your hiring cycle.
Our ever evolving AI model uses the latest machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing technologies to screen and recommend the top talent for you.
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